#1 _ Dinner & Photography class ELI080 !!

Sep. 9th was a memorable day. 
I got a wonderful dinner with my friends. At chilly's, restaurant I ate some chips, and chicken tacos. Actually, that was my first time eating tacos, it had rich flavor. When tomato, nan, a little bit of salty chicken were chopped in my mouth, those made a harmony. I did my homework in the restaurant. How? 
My homework of photography was taking the shot that was listed on the list. Capture the smell was in that list. So, I shot my tacos. By shooting tacos looking delicious, people can feel the tacos' flavor. So, That was good way to capture "smell". 
After the dinner, my friends Daniel took me my dormitory.  There was a dangerous situation on the way by car. Stranger's car suddenly stepped forward to our car and stopped in front of us. We almost crashed the car but, Daniel was a good driver. Daniel's quick judgement averted the accident and under this situation he said this expression. " Oh that was cutting it close"      

My mouth is watering just thought about it. : When you were really hungry, you friends suggested that we go eat what you really wanted to eat.   /  When you heard the food that you really like. 

That was cutting it close : It is an expression that can be used when you avoided a dangerous situation in very close.

aperture : hole of camera lens

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